Durbanville Competition Results

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.22 Veldshoot
Handgun Centre-fire
Handgun Rim-fire
Historical - Bench Free Rifle
Historical - Breech Loader Black Powder
Historical - Free Rifle
Historical - Handgun
Historical - Martini
Historical - Military Rifle
Historical - Muzzle Loader
Historical - Nitro
Historical - Patch & Ball 50m Standing
Historical - Pistol
Historical - Revolver
Hunting Handgun - Open Sights Long Barrel
Hunting Handgun - Open Sights Short Barrel
Hunting Handgun - Optical Sights Revolver
Hunting Handgun - Unlimited
Hunting Rifle
NPA Carry Gun
NPA Pocket Pistol
NPA Police Pistol A
NPA Police Pistol B
Rifle Rim-fire
Shotgun Skeet
Shotgun Sporting
Shotgun Trap
Enter Member No

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